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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Zumba Chicks

School Life:

This afternoon we were given the opportunity of either doing hockey or Zumba so we obviously decided  to do Zumba!! It lasted for an hour but seemed to go really quickly.It was great to try different dances from completely different cultures such as India's Bollywood and Irish dancing!!!
There were about 20 people from our year doing the zumba class but only 6 people did the hockey- just shows how popular it was...
At first the strange dancing seemed awkward and confusing but we soon got ito the rythm of things and by the end of the session were loving it!

Such fun!!!

Very excited about the chicks and naming is in progress here in our dorm. At the moment, our thoughts are Jemima Puddle-Cluck, Fuzzy, and Cookie....although only two have hatched....
Any ideas??

Lots of Love from school
Phoebe and Georgia(her loyal and trusting friend??!!)

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