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Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Visit to the Capital..

Tuesday was a home day; we headed down the long road to Stanley to see the sights; shopping, the cathedral, the museum. Bill met us at lunch time and we drove to Gypsy Cove and spotted Magellanics, Night Herons, and finally, close up Sea Lions, hauled out and suckling pups in the tussoc above the cliffs. We hadn’t expected to see Sea Lions, and had the dogs with us which made for an exciting moment. Archie’s nose was aquiver, and the Sea Lion gave some impressive warning growls.   The tussoc is substantial even here, perhaps 1.5 metres tall, and dense; it is easy to come upon  wildlife unexpectedly.
Back to the cabin at Hillside; Hillside is the army’s adventure training base in Stanley, and Bill has a portacabin (think dodgy caravan from your worst childhood holiday) which is useful if we have to stay over. We all piled in to get changed, and then the adults headed off to a reception at Government  House, so that Rachel and Robert could see how much better FCO quarters are then military (!) and the girls headed to Shorty’s diner for supper, where there is a huge menu, and chips with everything.   Andy, Bill’s driver deserves a medal for scooping them up and driving them home, listening to a hour of girlies banter..and we followed on later.

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