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Thursday, 8 November 2012

To the West!!

Monday morning saw us head West. Ant, who lives on Saunders island, was flying, and we crossed the Sound and dropped Bill and Robert on the Warrah river, just beyond Port Howard. The day was looking bright, and we hoped they would not be soaked before we collected them later. They were off to fish for the day and Critter, who owns the land, had kindly offered them the use of his brother Miles’ cabin if needed.
The girls headed on towards Dunnose Head and Rosemary Wilkinson’s craft room. Alexis, Juliet and Phoebe sat up with the heli pilots to see how to fly, and to press a few buttons, and soon the bay in front of Dunnose Farm appeared in front of us. We spent the day with Rosemary, felting, and produced bunting  and pictures – I may have let the side down, but otherwise, huge talent was evident!
We located the boys and picked them up, sunburned and with stories of the one that got away (and the one that didn’t – I think it was only one).Home and Supper.

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