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Thursday, 8 November 2012

October Half Term - the Purdys arrive!

Hoorah! One less UK return flight – the lovely Purdy family brought Phoebe out to the Falklands for half term, and stayed for the week. How fabulous to be able to show off our new found treasures to our friends; and great fun for Phoebe to have teenagers instead of adults as company.
We were determined to make the travelling worthwhile for Rachel, Robert, Juliet and Alexis; my planning may as a result have been rather full-on, and I think everyone was looking forward to a lie in by the end of the week, but we did do a lot and see loads – so hopefully it wasn’t all bad. I have to admit to my bossy tendencies coming to the fore in, at times, a rather military operation, but I hope all will be forgiven…

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