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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tuesday August 16th

So today Bill had to sing for his supper - he spent the morning in the embassy finding out how to be the South American James Bond. When he finally emerged, we decided (the girls) that retail therapy was needed, and we jumped confidently on a couple of buses to find the artisan village of los Dominicos. Fun but touristy - chickens, peacocks, and an inordinate amount of cats. We looked at enough lapis lazula to last a lifetime, and admired more of those colourful cardigans loved by the chileans. Still haven't managed to convince Bill to buy one (just what you need for dress down Friday..) We had a wine tour booked at Aquitania, and decided to jump in a taxi. A tiny winery established by 3 frenchmen (including a Bollinger) and 1 Chilean, now producing some award winning wines. We shared a tour and some wine with two people from Rio, and felt confident that we could guess which bus might get us home. Mmm. After going round in circles for a while, we arrived on a bus going in roughly the right direction, and it fortuitously spat us out round the corner from the restaurant we had earmarked or supper.Hoorah.

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