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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Saturday 13th August

Off to Chile!

We set off to Mount Pleasant airport mid-afternoon,(only five minutes drive) and were pleased to be informed that the flight was running an hour ahead of time. So, after waiting comfortably in the CBF's lounge, we got onto the plane. The first flight was only an hour and a half long, and felt as though it whizzed by.

However, halfway through the next four hour flight, one of the air-hostesses needed a doctor, meaning that we had to make an emergency landing. Once we had landed, we were then told(in Spanish!) that we needed to wait another two hours for another plane from Santiago to arrive so that we would have the correct amount of air-hostesses. Finally, at 24:50-ten to one in the morning, the Santiago plane arrived and we finished the rest of the flight.
In Santiago, we got a taxi at 3:30am to the embassy flat where we are staying.

Today, after a long sleep, we walked into the center of the city, and went into the markets, museum, and cathedral, which was all prepared for the religious bank holiday tomorrow with flowers(artificial), and banners.

In the museum, there were various artifacts which were mostly ancient pottery, woven cloth, and little figurines sculpted out of either gold, copper, pottery, cloth, or wood. They were all very primitive even though, in England, it was the time of Henry VIII! 

In the textiles area, there were woven cloth, straw dolls, embroidery, needles made from cacti spikes. My favourite was a piece of cloth with embroidered lizards on, and the lizard head stuck out of the cloth.

Later on, we went to a cafe, another market, and then we got a bus back to the flat where we all had baths!

By Phoebe

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