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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday August 7th

What weather ! Justin, the met man from down the road, had warned that Thursday night would be exciting, and as a result the airbridge to UK was brought forward to miss the storm, but in the event the snow appeared on Friday afternoon. By the evening, we were not able to open the front door because of the wind, and by Saturday, we had 3-4 feet of drifting in front of the house.

The dogs were not put off -Archie loves the snow and galloped madly (or he could have been trying to chase an upland goose). Finn has found a new enthusiasm for the outdoors now that we have equipped him with his 'hotter dog' jumper -a fleece which has legs for his front paws, and fits right round his tummy!

Have a look for the upland goose on the net - they marry for life, bless them, and wander around in pairs, chatting to each other. They are quite differnt though - the male is white and grey, and the female brown and chestnut, with yellow legs. Archie inevitably has decided their pooh is similar to foie gras. 

We have the Governer Governor (which is it??) coming to dinner on Thursday, and a guy who lectures on the Falklands war, so that should be interesting.
Last night was the mess dinner for Bill's 'dining in'. Over 100 attended, and it was a good night  - some of the young officers were determined to let their hair down, and there were huge roars of approval when Bill deigned to join in the mexican wave which they were desperately trying to move around the entire hall...

Today, our helicopter trip was sadly cancelled - a problem with the fuel - but we are off on a couple of trips this week. We are flying to Fox Bay , and taking the Gov (no problem with the spelling now!) with us. Apparently they are preparing CAKES. GOOD !

Must sign off now and venure into the kitchen. Sunday is my day without a chef, and I need extra time to find where he has hidden everything.

Enjoy your sunshine if you are in the UK. We are not jealous..


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