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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

10 days in!

Hello all ! We will all add bits and pieces as we can , to keep you up to date during our stay in the South Atlantic. These first few days may be rather random as we find our feet, but hopefully we will give you a flavour of our life.
So far, we have got to know the familiar green and brown buildings with uninspiring names and architecture, which make up Mount Pleasant Complex. Not on a mount, and not very pleasant really, but it's not all bad.

Our house is a bungalow, very cosy and warm, and with a great team who arrive before 7am and look after us all day. I feel like a victorian housekeeper and can no longer lounge in bed but have to be up and look busy! Gone are the days of singing loudly in the kitchen as we made a huge gooey mess.
I thnnk we must be a trial to our housekeeper who is having to cope with this strange family who have arrived with children and animals to mess up her previously spotless domain.

The complex has great facilities as you would expect - gyms, swimming pool, bowling alley, cinema - but is short on retail therapy; one dodgy NAAFI with largely empty shelves. The 'supermarket' (think small town co-op on a bad day) is 36 miles away along a gravel road in interesting weather.

I am off to the Master Driver's Winter training on Saturday so that Phoebe and I can single handedly skid through mud and ice and change landrover tyres.

We have so far visited the metropolis of Stanley, as Phoebe said - a cross between the Waltons and County Galway gives you the flavour  - and Bertha's Beach, which was stunning, with white sand and snow, and crashing waves.

Today we have driven past Goose Green and on up to Darwen which is beautiful - frozen lakes, moorland, and snow capped mountains in the distance. We saw the argentine cemetary, and the spot where H Jones fell. There are memorials everywhere, and plenty of locals to tell you exactly how it was in 1982 .

We hope to go to Bleaker island on Sunday - weather dependant!

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