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Saturday, 11 August 2012

FIDF Mobilisation Day - April 2

30 years ago, the Governor Rex Hunt sent out a message on the evening of April 1st, to tell the FIDF that they were needed, and that they should report for duty immediately. Every man left his family, and went to fight, not knowing what he would face or how many Argentines were on or approaching the island.  Stories of bravery from the men and women of the islands are retold; two men left alone with a machine gun to defend the run into Stanley, women with tiny babies facing an uncertain night alone.
Each year since the Conflict, the FIDF have become better equipped and better trained, and on the anniversary of their mobilisation, they hold a church service and parade through Stanley. The Governor and Bill march about, all shiny shoes and feathers fluttering (Governor big feathers, Bill small feathers). Very impressive in the sunshine. Hoorah 

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