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Friday, 22 June 2012

Enrichment Week at School

This week at school is enrichment week when we do all the fun activities and trips we have been waiting for throughout the term!

Yesterday, the whole year went to 'Tecniquest' in Cardiff which is specially for schools, and involves lots of fun maths and science games, shows and activites. One of the best activities was in the 'low light area'.  It had a big screen, and when you pressed a button, a camera would take a picture of the shadow of whatever it saw (you), and would project the shadow onto the big screen. For example, we all did  star jumps as the photo was taken, and the result was five star shaped shadows on the screen.

On Wednesday, we went on a trip to Dorset as part of our Geography work. After the work in the morning, we swam in the sea, and the Geography department bought us all ice-creams and drinks!!!

On Tuesday, the MIV (our year) made a magazine based on the Olympics, as Amy Williams is our speaker on Founder's Day. After a busy day, it was sent off to the publisher and will be sold tomorrow at Founder's Day.

So far, this enrichment week has been really fun, and we have had many great activities and trips.


By Phoebe xxxxxxxx

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