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Saturday, 11 August 2012

A week on the 'Silver Dove'

Canal Boat
This week we spent on a canal boat starting off in the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. We collected ‘The Silver Dove’ from Tardibigge Marina, and set off down the canal.

There were millions of ducklings and baby moorhens amongst the banks, and they all followed us as we went past them, hoping for food.

The first major event was a long tunnel about 30 minutes after we started our journey. Then, I kept a log of every bridge, tunnel, and pub we passed!

We had some very long days, starting at 8(you’re only allowed to leave a mooring at 8), right on through until 9. There was a very busy day in Birmingham, with lots of locks, and we weren’t allowed to moor up until we were out the other side of Birmingham.

During the week, we passed through the Worcester and B-ham Canal, The Oxford Canal, The Coventry Canal, and a little bit of the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal.

On the second day on the boat, the Ford Family(not forgetting Freddie), and Grandma, came and helped us for the day through Stratford, of which the highlight of the day was definitely the ice-cream(and also the Grass Snake which Uncle Robert fished out of the canal)!

After the Fords, we had no other visitors, but we had a fantastic time on the canal in our third time in a narrow-boat. We met lots of people on the canal, mainly from other countries enjoying their holiday (but not the weather). Mummy’s favourite boat name of the week was ‘Hephzibah’, but Bill and I weren’t quite sure…

Although the summer weather wasn’t quite summery, it didn’t rain that much, and on some days, was very hot. (Bill steered while Mummy and lay on the roof sunbathing)!

By Phoebe xxx

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