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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Pebble Island - January 2013

A weekend for just the two of us to head back to Pebble. We have been here before, we have hosted the Vets and attended their lectures on the Pebble island raid; so to be returning with the promise of a tour from Alan (who with Jackie owns the lodge) was something to look forward to.
We had two days, so asked to be dropped off East on Day 1; a 6 or 7 mile walk back in bright blustery weather – lots of wildfowl, whale bones, and some Sea Lions. The long sandy beach leading to the settlement is purported to be the longest in the Falklands, and it feels it at the end of a long hike when you are ready for a bath..
The next day we headed off in the Rover with Alan. Going West to see the Lear jet memorial, we stopped at the Cross for HMS Coventry and took photos of the cracks which are emerging again, so that a plan could be hatched to bring it back to standard. The views from this spot are spectacular – out across Coventry bay, now officially named, thanks to Alan, and a perfect reminder of the ship and her crew. The Bay was the one the captain had apparently chosen as the ‘run to’ option in case of damage. She never managed to get there, but it serves as a beautiful memorial.
Rockhoppers everywhere; noise, squawks, smell, curious chicks waddling up to the camera – and then on to the western-most point to lunch at the fabled pebble beach. Falkland pebbles can be found on a number of the northern most beaches of the islands, but nowhere is as well known as this beach. Alan, eyes fully trained, collected handfuls instantly, but we were soon catching up; there had been a number of storms, and the crashing waves had landed new treasure. There is clearly some volcanic activity north of the islands which superheats stones and produces glassy, collectable pebbles. These will be prize mementos, and better than any tourist purchase.     
Dinner with Alan’s Mum who was staying at the lodge again – and Stu from Jones avenue, taking his parents on a tour. I bet he was glad to see us arrive ..

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