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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Race Point Farm - Dec 22nd

Well we stayed at home for a couple of minutes and then set off again to show Phoebe another part of the island - Race Point Farm up past San Carlos Water ( - names from the conflict - San Carlos Water was where many of the ships came in, and Ajax Bay was the big field hospital), along from Wreck Point, and around 2-3 hours drive from home. It is dry - actually we have had no rain for weeks - so the clay roads are driveable, and the scenery spectacular. Up high over the hills above San Carlos Water, with fabulous views of sea and coastline.  A picnic almost out of the car on top of Sussex mountain (is that right Bill?) in STRONG wind. Phoebe refusing to get out, and the dogs sheltering in the boot.

We arrived at John and Michelle's in the afternoon in time to take a walk in the sunshine down to the beach, and to explore the piles of ammunition boxes left from the conflict. We have our eye on them - me for growing beans in, and Phoebe for the coolest tuck box..

Recycling has not yet hit the islands. there is some discussion at present about whether waste should be returned on the Supply vessel for recycling in the UK, but there is no movement yet. In the meantime, every farm has a bay which is full of the remnants of the 'abbattoir' - sheep bones and teeth aplenty mixed in with the pebbles; and a bay or a hole which is generally full of old fencing and bits of tractor. Not much is wasted here, and little food arrives on the farm in packaging, so rubish is minimal, but as the problem grows, so the solution will have to come..

I felt lousy later, so went to sleep, while Phoebe and Bill went fishing for the evening. Success! Phoebe's fish was duly eaten for tea, and we snuggled up to watch the next session of Lord of the rings which has been the film of this Christmas..

Phoebe and Talia, 6 year old daughter at the farm, headed off on the quadbike to see Pepper the new black pig - I saw Phoebe disappear over the distant hill, hair streaming behind her.

Back to MPH and preparations for Christmas...

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