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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Saunders island (again for mummy!) 16th December 2011

This was a girly trip for both mummy and I as Bill unfortunately had to stay at work. It was quite a long helicopter ride in some interesting weather conditions and at one stage we were told we might have to turn back. However, we arrived and set off first in search of the albatross colony which we found about half an hour later. When we found them, they were sitting on their nests which looked a bit like sandcastles. They were so white and their beaks were very impressive. They were also quite curious birds as one or two of them came to have a look at us a few times. Mummy said that she saw a baby chick as one of the birds stood up for a second (the lady who owned the island thought that they would all hatch in the next week or so).
After the Albatross, we headed up the hill to find a colony of Rockhopper penguins who had chicks which were probably about a week old at the most. Unhelpfully, there were two sheep also in the middle of the colony who were having difficulty trying not to step on the chicks! The Rockhoppers have red eyes which are quite scary but when you lie down next to them, they will come and see what you are. They are also quite amusing when you sit for a while and watch them.
After the Rockhoppers, we went down onto the beach and had a picnic surrounded by the Gentoo penguins and their chicks. We also saw some Magellanic penguins which nest in burrows underground and are said to be covered in flees.
After lunch, we made our way back up to the helicopter, and on the way got dive-bombed by Skewers, (which are birds which steal eggs from penguins).
By Phoebe xxxx

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