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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Weaving and Spinning..

Another weekend gone, and what have we done? Well Monday was a day at Darwen. This is the small settlement just across from Goose Green, a place made famous in the conflict. A few white wooden houses amid fields dotted with scorching yellow gorse, and against the backdrop of deep blue sea.
Bonnie and Ken Greenland live at Darwen, with their sheep, ducks, geese and chickens. They own Darwen house, which is run by Graham and Fiona as a small lodge, and they run craft days (Bonnie) and Battlefield tours (Ken). This area is the site of much of the fighting,and round the corner from the house is the memorial to H Jones on the sport where he fell.

 Everything is having babies at the moment - there are fat lambs, tiny yellow and black chicks, flappy goslings, and they are all running madly around together. Bonnie lives by the water - it is an idyllic spot in the Summer -peaceful and away from everything.  Take a look at the pictures.. It is an hour's drive from Mount Pleasant Complex, so very popular for those wanting to escape and treat themselves to Smoko (Falklands version of Kaffee und Kuchen).
I am very proud as I have finally ventured out on the scary gravelly muddy roads. As it is Summer, this is really not a huge ask, but I am glad to have found my freedom, even if driving is a matter of holding your breath and acute concentration!
So yesterday, I was spinning - my second day. I am fairly unskilled, but sitting in Bonnie's outhouse with a group of friends, each with a spinning wheel, around a huge pile of shearings, is a wonderful way to spend a morning.
Lunch is soup made by Fiona, a stroll across the fields. The poor old sheep are sweltering with their winter coats,but the shearers are not due here until December. The NZ teams are travelling around the island, but it takes around 4 months!

After lunch, I left everyone spinning, and headed back to base as we had another visitor arriving on the airbridge. Everyone was on time,and my diet was put back another day as we hosted a small supper party.

Tuesday is admin, swimming, girlie coffees and lunch with the visitors. I have been doing a small amount of work, which is enjoyable, and am fairly busy with Army Family Federation stuff. Certainly not bored, and as yet not finding the time I thought I had would have to sew, make bread and sort our photos!
We have a night off from entertaining tonight - our house guest is eating elsewhere, so we just have to remember not to be drunk before he comes home.
Bill and the HQ are very busy with plans at present - not a spare minute - and the landrover is leaking diesel, so I will have to go and find someone to help...

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